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2019 Volvo XC40 First Drive: Make Room for This Small Luxe-UV

Aren’t we full? Do we have the appetite for yet another subcompact luxury crossover SUV? After all, human civilization survived all the way to 2010 without any of these things. By our count, there are more than 10 brands competing in a 160,000-vehicle segment. Yet sales growth is forecast because, to many buyers, the premium […]

BMW Is Burning Cow Pies on the Road to Renewable Energy

Cow poop and chicken droppings? You might not expect to find those among the fuel sources automakers are tinkering with. But BMW is among a number of automakers harnessing the power of biowaste—not to power its cars, but the factories that build them. The Bavarian carmaker’s Rosslyn factory near Pretoria, South Africa, gets about a […]

The Advantages of Front-Wheel Drive

If engineers had had their way, front-wheel drive would have dominated automotive design from the beginning. But, in a victory for right-brain thinkers, stylists and enthusiasts actually have a say in the car-development process. Few can deny, though, that eliminating the large, heavy, costly, and inefficient rotating parts driving the rear wheels comes with numerous […]